‘Pokemon’ Announced A New Game That Monitors Your Sleep, And Everyone Made The Same Jokes

In 2016, Pokemon Go was a craze that swept the nation and had everybody and their mother (literally in some cases) staring down at their phones to chase after imaginary monsters suddenly inhabiting the very world as we knew it. Although the mobile game contributed to more than a handful of Pokemon Go-related injuries and deaths, it was mostly lauded as a way of getting people to go outdoors and get some exercise.

Now, Pokemon Sleep, an upcoming mobile game planned for a 2020 release “wants to do for sleeping what Pokemon Go did for walking.” The Pokemon Company announced in a statement this week that the app aims to turn sleeping into entertainment by tracking a user’s sleeping patterns. The gameplay will apparently adjust based on an individual’s sleeping pattern and an external device will then send the sleep data to user smartphones.

“The concept of this game is for players to look forward to waking up every morning,” said Pokemon’s chief executive, Tsunekazu Ishihara, during a press conference on Wednesday. “Everyone spends a large part of their lives sleeping, and turning that into entertainment is our next challenge.”

With billions of dollars per year spent on the sleep industry — between sleep aids, meditation apps, and so on and so forth — on paper, a magical sleep game that helps you get a good night’s sleep by reward good sleep habits sounds incredible. But with details still slim on exactly how Pokemon is going to accomplish this, the masses are mostly reacting with skepticism and jokes, as you can see from the reactions on Twitter.

Others had different takes on the same joke:

In addition to Pokemon Sleep, the company will also be releasing a cloud service called “Pokemon Home,” which will provide a space for users to collect their monsters, and a game version of the upcoming Ryan Reynolds movie, Detective Pikachu. 2020 is gonna be Poke-lit.

(Via New York Times)