Polish Spider-Man Returns To Prank Poles Some More In Two Videos

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S.A. Wardęga of Poland has been making videos of himself wearing costumes while pranking people for awhile now. We’ve been meaning to post his first Polish Spider-Man video since we spotted it earlier this year. Now he’s released his second Spider-Man suited pranks video, and we can’t ignore these any longer. Neither can the police, probably.

This guy is like the Polish Rémi Gaillard, except probably less likely to be shot by the police. Or maybe the people of Warsaw just aren’t worried about vicious silly string attacks or guys in costumes climbing light poles. I did like how, in the second video, the only two people who ran after him (besides cops) were women. Don’t mess with Polish girls, y’all. They’ll really slam the screen door on your submarine, I tell you what.

Hmmm, I wonder what ’60s Spider-Man would say about Polish Spider-Man?

I think the old guy at the end of the first video would agree.

[Sources: DP&F and Leoriane Setti]