‘President Pelosi’ Is Trending On Twitter In The Wake Of The Trump Tower Russia Bombshell Report

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The standoff between President Donald Trump and House Democrats came to a boil this week, when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi effectively canceled Trump’s January 29 State of the Union address to either be rescheduled after the shutdown ends or submitted in writing. Her rationale was not unreasonable in that the Secret Service has not been funded in 26 days — the government organization that takes the reigns in “coordinating, planning, exercising, and implementing security” the annual event.

In obvious retaliation, Trump canceled Pelosi’s classified trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan in a public statement made minutes before she was to take off, and by doing so, forced Pelosi to not even be able to take a commercial flight (which she would have otherwise done, and he said that she was free to do so) out of security concerns to both her security team and other passengers.

And that was hours before Buzzfeed’s bombshell report dropped, which implicates Trump in negotiating a deal with Russia to build a Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 campaign, and then instructing her former personal lawyer Michael Cohen to lie about it.

In other words, it’s been an even more eventful week in the Trump administration than usual, but the latter bit of news is perhaps the most damning so far into the president’s ties with Russia. And if that’s just a taste of what Mueller knows, things are looking very, very bad for Trump.

On top of everything, the American public still don’t know to what degree Vice President Mike Pence could be involved in the Russia thing. Yet in either case, it was enough to get President Pelosi trending on Twitter on Friday morning, as the House speaker is third in line for the presidency should something happen (impeachment) to the president and vice president.

In reality, even if the findings against Trump are so severe that a GOP-controlled Congress has no choice but to pull the trigger on impeachment, it seems highly unlikely that they would just hand the keys over to Pelosi. Then again, stranger things have happened and we’re only three exhausting weeks into 2019.