If You Thought The Presidential Race Was Scary, Wait Until You See The Candidates As Horrifying Clowns

11.24.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

The crazy bunch #politicalsatire #clowns

A photo posted by Will Espada (@espadastudio) on

Multimedia artist Will Espada is about to infiltrate your worst nightmares with images that will haunt you at least until Election Day 2016. Why? Because he has re-imagined some of the current presidential candidates as clowns. For many of us, clowns are really freaking scary (or at least creepy), so these are not images for the weak of heart. Espada has been sharing his work on Instagram, so check out a few of these individual pics if you’ve recovered from the clown car above.

We’ll start off slow. Here is sad clown Bernie Sanders, moping in the name of the dwindling middle class and his final, only pair of underwear:

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