The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale Had Time Jumps, Crazy Surprises, And Final Insane Reveals For Fans

The Pretty Little Liars finale kicked off with a one-year time jump, enough time for some people to get hair terrible haircuts, Ali’s pregnancy long over, and Aria and Ezra’s wedding to be right around the corner. Besides the (un)surprising fact that Hanna and Caleb are having marriage problems – Mona as a houseguest sure helps! – and the occurrence of the worst bachelor/bachelorette party idea of all time, the finale unfurled enough satisfying reveals and surprises for all the fans that stuck it out through all seven years of the show.

The first being that Spencer’s sister Melissa, who had been MIA from the show for the most part in recent seasons, appeared to be on Team A.D. Seeing as Torrey DeVitto has played more crazy people in her career than she hasn’t (Crazy Nanny Carrie anyone?!) this should’t be such a shock.

Of course, it wasn’t Melissa at all – it was Mona in a mask so good it must be from the same machine that the Mission: Impossible 3 spies used.

Shockingly, Mona attending Ezria’s rehearsal dinner didn’t result in a complete catastrophe but it did result in Emily’s mom slipping Ali a family heirloom so she could propose. Fans were a little mixed on the development but overall, happiness reigned.

However, “how much damage can Mona do in one night?” is never the question people want to be asking in a suspenseful finale. You fools! That damage includes knocking Spencer out and imprisoning her (so much imprisoning people on this show) and then shooting her full of drugs so she would stay passed out while they replaced her in the real world with her secret British twin???

Yeah, this episode was kind of a mess.

The entire “Spencer’s twin” deal didn’t actually go down so well with dedicated fans, especially since it was yet another way out for a show that has used easy reveals for so many resolutions.

Speaking of easy ways out, RIP Wren…we barely knew ye.

For some reason, Fake Spencer (no one has time for accurate names amidst all this insanity) also kidnapped Ezra which means the wedding was called off last minute and he and Real Spencer had to find a way to escape evil Spence’s clutches. Which makes sense…maybe.

And just to add something even more insane on top of everything else, Fake Spencer bought the house Toby built and built an underground bunker in which to hold people. Which Ezra and Spencer escaped from with help from the rest of the Liars but not before there was an axe fight and a showdown where both Spencers tried to convince the group they were the real one.

Basically it was a complete mess of a finale that barely made sense and frustrated a lot of fans who spent seven years of their lives watching this drama unfold.

Ezra and Aria are happily married and off to their honeymoon with everyone else is either pregnant, happy, or all of the above. Mona meanwhile, is apparently holding Mary Drake and Fake Spencer captive in a creepy dollhouse until the end of time? You either die the villain or live long enough to see yourself become a bigger and more twisted villain.

After all that, everything the Liars have been through, there is also apparently an entirely new cycle of the same or similar story about to take place with new high schoolers? Do people in this town learn nothing?!

Thank God for the horse.