A Pro-Trump Rally Featuring Mike Lindell That Expected 10,000 People Only Attracted A Few Hundred

Donald Trump still has an iron grip on the GOP, but his hold on his everyday followers may be slipping. The same weekend the former president did color commentary at a boxing match and addressed a gathering of the Moonies, a two-day rally was held in Kentucky. It featured conspiracy theorists like My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell, Michael Flynn, and Lin Wood. It expected attendance to be around 10,000. Instead, they got less than 300.

As per Newsweek, the rally was called “We the People Reunion,” and while most such gatherings, usually featuring some combination of Lindell, Flynn, and Wood, have been free, this one was not. Tickets started at $125, and went as high as $500 for VIPs.

Journalists were turned away at the event, but gatherings like it have featured the now de rigueur litany of baseless claims about voter fraud in the 2020 election. Trump himself has claimed that current president Joe Biden “cheated” as recently as Friday.

For Lindell, this is yet another major fail. Last month he held a “cyber symposium,” in which he yet again claimed to offer incontrovertible proof that Trump won re-election. He didn’t, and the fiasco ended with one of its top speakers admitted that he had no proof. It was in the middle of this event that Lindell was informed that the $1.6 billion lawsuit filed against him by Dominion Voting Systems could proceed.

(Via Newsweek)