Some Of Vladimir Putin’s Military Leaders Might Be Selling Out Russian Troops On The Ukraine Battlefield

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s on the defensive after “disgusting” world leaders took some shots at his “macho” shirtless photos, but maybe he needs to focus on that war he launched in Ukraine? Because even though Putin has claimed victory in a province of Ukraine, stories keep leaking out about how this conflict’s not going as well as he’d like it to appear. Leaked audio recently revealed how Russian troops nearly blew up their general in an act of mutiny, all because many of them feel disillusioned about why they’re being forced to impose Putin’s imperialism upon Ukrainian civilians.

The Daily Beast is now reporting upon intercepted phone calls from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, and the audio reportedly suggests that multiple Russian military leaders are giving away the location of his troops for money. Details remain scarce, but an apparent Russian soldier (who reportedly seemed “concerned”) spoke with a female acquaintance with shelling ongoing in the background, and then this happens:

The conversation then takes an interesting turn when the unnamed woman notes that a squadron of the “31st Brigade” was given up by their own Russian colonel, apparently referring to the 31st Guards Air Assault Brigade.

“The airborne troops taken captive?” the man asks. “Yes, yes, 76 people were taken,” she says, adding that “they were sold out by their own” and naming a “Colonel Matkovsky” for the betrayal.

“There have already been many such instances,” the man responds, noting that “they leak information” about the troops.

From there, the woman relayed how “[t]hey found 17 million in his account,” and it’s understood that she’s referring to the colonel. There’s no telling how true the information (within the intercepted call) will turn out to be, but it surely will not bode well for the demoralization of Russian troops who say they feel “duped” while fighting Putin’s war. As of now, the invasion’s been ongoing for over four months, and it sure doesn’t seem like there will be an end soon. Putin’s obviously now running short on global allies, but he does have a QAnon cheerleader on his side. Hmm.

(Via Daily Beast)