Wacky QAnon Conspiracy-Loving GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims She’ll Try To Impeach Biden On His First Day In Office

GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is continuing her PR campaign to become the most eye-rollingly deranged member of her party this week with her latest stunt: trying to impeach soon-to-be President Joe Biden.

Sure, Biden’s technically not in office yet, and yeah, he hasn’t committed any offense worthy of impeachment — unlike his predecessor who’s made history for being the first U.S. president to be impeached twice — but that’s not stopping the Republican from Georgia. And really, why should it? This is a woman who believes in QAnon conspiracies about Satan-worshipping cabals of pedophiles who currently control our democracy. This is a politician who put people’s lives in danger by spreading false claims about the Clinton’s running a sex-trafficking ring out of a D.C. pizzeria.

And, let’s not forget, this is also a member of our government who publicly murdered the concept of irony by wearing a mask with the word “Censored” stamped on it while she addressed one of the most powerful voting bodies in the world, and voting against Trump’s impeachment after the president incited a mob to attack the Capitol. So of course, Rep. Greene is going to draft up articles of impeachment on Biden’s first day in office for, as she recently tweeted, “abuse of power.”

Honestly, we don’t know why comedy writers even try anymore. There’s no way satire can top this.