QAnon Cult Leader Ron Watkins Ran For Congress In Arizona And Got His Ass Kicked

QAnon cultists have been disappointed a handful of times when they’ve predicted that John F. Kennedy Jr. will somehow rise from the dead (or never have been dead at all) and reappoint Donald Trump to his rightful place as president. Or that the two will somehow run on a ticket together. In the meantime, these kooky conspiracy theorists have been running in local elections to snatch the seats of power across the country. And they’re faring about as well as that JFK Jr. revival.

Case in point: Ron Watkins, one of the main leaders of QAnon, who some people believe to be Q himself. As Mediaite reports, Watkins was one of the many individuals who was determined to face off against Democratic incumbent Tom O’Halleran in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. He faced a humiliating defeat.

While Watkins was always considered an underdog, he somehow managed to out-fundraise many of his competitors, leading some (probably terrified) individuals to believe that he had a real shot at pulling off a surprise win. Instead, he received less than 4 percent of the vote.


Watkins was thought to be an underdog as his fundraising was outpaced by his many rivals, and the results from show that Crane took 33.5 percent of the vote on Tuesday. Blackman was next with approximately 25 percent of the vote, followed by Deluzo, Yates, Moore, Ksystofiak, and then Watkins with 3.8 percent.

As Mediaite reported:

The election follows a shaky performance from Watkins, who was called out by his rivals for botching the facts during the district’s primary debates. Watkins’ tenuous relationship with facts coincides with his involvement with QAnon, the right-wing movement claiming that a secret cabal of globalists, child sex traffickers and deep state Satan-worshipers conspire to oppose Donald Trump and bring the United States under their control.

Doesn’t look like Watkins is their man. There’s still time to hold out hope for JFK Jr. though.

(Via Mediaite)