People Waved At A Hologram Of Queen Elizabeth II During The Jubilee She’s Mostly Skipped Out On, And Social Media Lost It

The United Kingdom is currently going full tilt boogie for the Platinum Jubilee, which rings in Elizabeth II’s 70th anniversary as Queen. There are days of celebration. There have been Daleks and Danger Mouse. Her Majesty even got tea and talked marmalade sandwiches with Paddington. What it’s missed, for the most part, is the Queen herself, who has appeared at the balcony of Buckingham Palace but skipped out on everything else. But those in charge found a creative — and pretty bizarre — way to get her involved.

During a street pageant in London, a hologram of the younger Elizabeth II could be seen in the Gold State Coach, a 260-year-old carriage commissioned by King George III in 1760 and finished two years later. It’s rarely used, for obvious reasons, but it has been used at the coronation of every monarch since — including Elizabeth II in 1953. The hologram was made of footage from that occasion, presenting people today with the illusion that they were waving at the twentysomething Queen.

And wave they did. Yes, the people of England waved at a hologram.

Of course, Queen Elizabeth II is 96 years old, so that may explain why she has been AWOL during much of the celebration honoring her seven-decade reign. In that time, she’s accomplished so much. She even helped Snoop Dogg. And, at least in 2017, she did rather a lot of drinking.

(Via Sky News)