A Spider On The Queen’s Coffin Had People Caught Up In A Web Of Fascination

With Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral set to take place on Monday, the world watched as the royal procession carried her majesty’s body to Westminster Abbey for the memorial service. It was a regal moment, resplendent in all the finery one would come to except to honor the passing of the 96-year-old monarch. Oh, and also, there was a spider on her coffin, and the entire internet went freaking bananas.

According to Mediaite, the rogue arachnid (and possible future ruler of Great Britain, may its webs fly straight and true) was spotted on a card from the Queen’s son, King Charles III. While this is no doubt a grave omen of unparalleled importance, Twitter went to town cracking jokes about the little guy going for a ride on the Royal Casket, which is pretty funny. Everything surrounding the Queen’s death has been a weeks-long, solemnly regimented endeavor with the finest detail addressed to the letter. And, yet, there’s a freaking spider atop her majesty’s body, specifically crawling on a card left by her son, the newly-crowned King.

You can see reactions to the Queen’s spider below:

And, of course, the spider already has a Twitter account. We look forward to its in-depth coverage from inside this most somber of occasions.

(Via Mediaite)