A Relatable Every Raccoon Steals A Donut And Inspires The Nation

When historians look back at 2015: The Year In Donuts, a hero and a villain be placed in the spotlight. Travel size pop star Ariana Grande’s scandalous donut-affiliated behavior plunks her in the villain’s position, while a crafty bandit with a hankering for pastries rates as the year’s greatest donut-driven hero.

Behold! An amazing slice of video surfaced yesterday featuring a raccoon emerging from an eatery’s ceiling, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE STYLE, to nab a donut of its choosing. (Let the record show that raccoons do not have a safecracker’s touch when it comes to snacks.) It’s the sort of daring thievery that will make your heart sing and your local health inspector suffer a nervous breakdown.

Our narrator’s enthusiasm only adds to the magic as he roots for the raccoon to pull off the heist even though it kinda just shows that he should consider switching coffee shops for something that doesn’t resemble a petting zoo. Or maybe that’s all the more reason to go. It’s all just one beautiful blur of “LOOK AT THAT ANIMAL DOING A SORTA PEOPLE THING” and we don’t know how to come back down to earth from that.

(Via Time)