QAnon-y GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Being Mocked For Wearing A ‘Censored’ Mask While Speaking On Live TV At The Trump Impeachment Hearing

There’s been a lot of confusion in the last week about the definition of censorship. Here’s a simple breakdown: If the government restricts your speech, it’s censorship. If a private company, like Twitter, deletes your account because you broke its rules, it’s not. But many on the right are proudly ignorant of this distinction. One of them is newly sworn in representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. And during the hearing that ended with Donald Trump receiving his second impeachment, she wore a mask bearing the word “censorship”…while in the House of Representatives…braodcast on live television.

Greene is one of the more famous new faces in the House, and for good reason: She’s a proud and well-documented supporter of the conspiracy theories, from QAnon to “Pizzagate,” which nearly got innocent people killed. She’s also now representing Georgia’s 14th district, as a member of one of the most powerful governmental bodies on Earth.

Greene likes to wear her political beliefs on her face: As per The Cut, she’s previously worn masks with the words “TRUMP WON,” “STOPE THE STEAL,” and “MOLON LABE” — the latter a Greek phrase that means “come and take [them],” which has been co-opted by 2nd Amendment advocates.

But the mask Greene wore on Wednesday, while railing against Democrats and Black Lives Matter and defending the outgoing president, was not met so kindly as the others.

To some, Greene’s mask was reminiscent of hacky comedians.

And others pointed out that Greene is fine with censoring others.

If you’d like to watch Greene’s entire House speech in defense of outgoing president Trump, you can do so in the video below, starting around the five-hour-and 27-minute mark. (It was a long day.) Or you don’t have to. It’s a free country.

(Via The Cut)