Ricky Schroder Is Under Fire Again, This Time For Posting A Video Of Him Harassing A Costco Employee Over Their Mask Policy

If you didn’t grow up in the ‘80s, you may not know Ricky Schroder as a former child actor. You probably know him as a washed-up Hollywood guy who’s now a Trumpist stooge. Last November, it was revealed the alum of the largely forgotten sitcom Silver Spoons was one of those who helped bail out Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot two protesters to death last summer. It took him another six months but he came back with a next-level sequel: Turns out he’s also an anti-masker who harasses frontline workers.

On Sunday, a video Schroder posted went viral. It found the actor confronting a Costco employee, who wouldn’t let enter the premises without a mask. Schroder gave him a hard time. The employee held his ground, patiently explaining that, though the C.D.C. had said masks weren’t necessary for those who’ve been vaccinated — a mere 36% of the nation’s populace, as per The New York Times — they were still requiring patrons to wear something over the nose, mouth, and chin.

Schroder was livid, demanding a refund of his Coctco membership, and advocating that others do the same. After a manager gives him one, Schroder turned his phone onto his aging, weathered, no longer child-like visage — a surely shocking image, even to those who watched his stint on latter day seasons of NYPD Blue.

It’s clear Schroder thought himself a hero, fighting for freedom. But those who made his name go viral for the second time in about six months felt otherwise. To them, he was an obnoxious winger cruelly badgering a blue collar worker who almost certainly wasn’t being paid enough to deal with his abuse.

Indeed, it was the worker himself who was seen as the hero, unflappably taking on what was likely his umpteenth belligerent anti-masker.

Others pointed out Schroder’s other sins, such as bailing out someone who’s awaiting trial for two counts of murder.

Or that he was twice arrested for domestic violence.

Others felt that he should find other things to do with his time.

Some pointed out that Schroder’s among august company when it comes to Hollywood wingers.

And children of the ‘80s just felt shook.