Roger Stone Pled The Fifth Even When Asked His Age And Address During His Jan. 6 Committee Deposition

The Jan. 6 committee wrapped up its final hearing on Monday, which ended with a bang: Among those they awarded a criminal referral was the big guy himself, Donald Trump. More revelations are bound to come pouring out as they make still more material public, but they’ve already started releasing transcripts of their depositions. One of those belongs to Roger Stone, the longtime GOP fixer and Trump World boogeyman, who played a key role in the lead-up to that fateful day. Alas, Stone proved so cagey that he pulled an Eric Trump and pleaded the fifth on even the most anodyne questions.

As caught by CBS News correspondent Scott MacFarlane (which in turn was caught by Raw Story), when Stone appeared before the committee for his deposition last December, he really committed to the bit. When asked his address, he replied, “On the advice of counsel, I will be availing myself of myself of my Fifth Amendment rights in all of the questions today, including that one.” When asked his age, he said much the same thing.

His interrogator soon asked, “Mr. Stone I understand that you’ll be asserting your Fifth Amendment right to each question we ask today.” When he was informed that “the Fifth Amendment protects your right to refuse to answer questions if the truth itself is incriminating,” he replied, “On the advice of counsel, I will yet again assert my right to decline to answer your question respectfully on the basis of the Fifth Amendment.”

Stone is a famously cagey guy, but he doesn’t always hang out with those who feel likewise. Back in 2019, Matt Gaetz was caught on a hot mic telling Stone he could get Trump to give him a pardon a month before a grand jury convicted him of obstruction over Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference. Stone didn’t serve a day.

(Via Raw Story)