Roger Stone Was In The Middle Of A Live Interview When He Was Served Lawsuit Papers For His Role In The Jan. 6 MAGA Riot

‘Tis the season for Cartoon Villain Roger Stone to be back in the spotlight. He’s reportedly been under investigation (by the Department of Justice) for possibly masterminding the Jan. 6 insurrection. That update arrived after Trump commuted Stone’s seven-felony sentence, and it’s all so surreal when one considers that we’re talking about a guy with a Nixon tattoo. This week, we heard that Stone was nursing some major MAGA paranoia while cautioning his fellow “patriots” not to attend the “Justice for J6” rally in Washington, D.C., and especially not to do so while carrying a firearm. As he told Russia Today during an interview, Stone firmly believes, “It’s a setup.” Well, Stone’s wild ride continues, regardless of his decision not to attend that rally.

As revealed in a clip posted by Republican lawyer Ron Filipkowski (who recently distanced himself from Florida Gov. DeSantis’ antics), sh*t got real for Roger Stone’s paranoid mind on Wednesday morning. While speaking live on the air with a St. Louis radio station (and propping up the idea of Trump 2024), he paused to answer the door to receive lawsuit papers. This all goes down in a matter-of-fact way.

“Hold on a second, I have a process server at my front door, about to serve me in the latest lawsuit,” Stone proclaimed. “Good morning sir! How are you? Yes, of course, I’ll be happy to accept your… oh yes, a civil court in the District of Columbia!”

Is it true? Here are those apparent lawsuit papers.

Also worth noting, as Salon’s Zachary Petrizzo pointed out in the below tweet: Stone has been claiming that his rising legal bills have led him to put his Florida home on the market and reside within an apartment. However, Roger Stone must have been living at his old address because, hey, that’s where the lawsuit papers were delivered ^^.

One thing is certain: Roger Stone won’t stay quiet, so this should be an interesting weekend for him.

(Via RawStory)