Ron DeSantis’ Wife Casey Had To Clarify That, No, She Wasn’t Calling For Very Illegal Voter Fraud In The Iowa Caucus

Today’s GOP hates voter fraud. They hate it. They claim there was a massive conspiracy to rob Donald Trump of votes three years ago. They’ve never provided proof of this, but that hasn’t stopped them from alleging it happened anyway. But just because they despite something doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do it themselves, as witness what the First Lady of Florida recently told her husband’s supporters.

Per The Daily Beast, during an appearance on Fox News, Casey DeSantis, standing next to her husband Ron, who is running for president, made a curious plea regarding the forthcoming Iowa caucus, which may decide her spouse’s fate.

“We’re asking all of these moms and grandmoms to come from wherever it might be—North Carolina, South Carolina—and descend upon the state of Iowa to be a part of the caucus because you do not have to be a resident of Iowa to be able to participate in the caucus,” Casey said. Meanwhile her husband stood there awkwardly by her side, his token weird smile frozen on his face.

She added, “So moms and grandmoms are going to be able to come and be a part and let their voice be heard in support of Ron DeSantis.”

It was quickly pointed out that what Casey seemed to be advocating for — non-Iowans to vote for her husband in an Iowa election — was illegal. It was so illegal that the Iowa GOP’s Twitter/X account had to clarify that those from out of state can’t vote there.

Casey herself later clarified that, no, she wasn’t asking for people to commit voter fraud, but rather for people to volunteer or whatever.

Ron DeSantis has already had a chaotic campaign, and he doesn’t need “encouraging voter fraud” to make things worse.

(Via The Daily Beast)