Flailing Meatball Ron DeSantis’ Alleged List Of Debate Demands Aspires To Diva-Esque Tour Rider Heights (Only Not Nearly As Cool)

In a feud that’s possibly more ridiculous than Zuck v. Musk (with the latter having yet another new excuse about why he probably cannot fight), the stare down between meatball Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom is also growing laughable. Granted, the two governors have been at each other’s throats from afar for over a year. Last week, however, Newsom challenged DeSantis to a debate for what goal?

That’s not entirely clear, but DeSantis talked a big game in the immediate aftermath: “I’m game, let’s get it done, just tell me when and where.”

Not so fast, though. Neither has technically pulled out as of yet, but DeSantis list of alleged demands borders on the truly ridiculous, as if he’s almost taunting Newsom to call this thing off. DeSantis is no minimal-rider type of Ice Spice performer, either. Nor is he as cool-irate as Jack White with the guacamole recipe. Maybe he’s more like an early-day Bieber? Nope, still not as cool there, either.

There are no lists of colored M&M’s here, and it’s not technically a “rider,” but DeSantis requires a cheering section and more, according to an irritated Newsome spokesperson, via The Independent:

“What a joke,” Mr Newsom’s spokesperson, Nathan Click, said in a statement. “Desantis’ counterproposal is littered with crutches to hide his insecurity and ineptitude — swapping opening statements with a hype video, cutting down the time he needs to be on stage, adding cheat notes and a cheering section.”

He added that “Ron should be able to stand on his own two feet,” and that “it’s no wonder Trump is kicking his a**.”

To be fair, the GOP is so broken and MAGA-ridden that Trump would probably be leading no matter who the candidate pool included for 2024, so DeSantis could never live up to that (low) bar. Still, if you are gonna unfurl a list of silly demands before you’ll step on that stage, at least add some chunky guac to the mix. Because at that point, why not.

(Via The Independent)