A Very Funny (And Very Fake) One-Second Video Of Ron DeSantis Is Taking Over The Internet

Unlike Charlie Puth, Ron DeSantis is not hungies.

A one-second video of the “worst presidential candidate” ever went viral over the weekend. In it, DeSantis says “mmm… hungwee” after being presented with a hamburger in a restaurant. Sadly, it’s not real. If it was, he would have ordered a meatball sub, not a burger. Forbes reports that “the video is actually from a series called Bad Lip Reading, where videos are edited to make the audio more humorous. For example, that same edited video, which is available on YouTube, shows DeSantis appearing to say ‘this is disgusting’ and ‘should we dance?’ when walking into a small town diner.”

You can watch the original video here.

The clip might be fake, but the fact that people believed it’s real is not a good sign for DeSantis and his chance of becoming the next president. For one thing, he’s a deeply weird individual, even by politician standards. Also, DeSantis is trailing Donald Trump by 20 percent — in his home state of Florida. He’s threatening to shut things down “if we don’t see a bump in the polls.”

Trump is favored by 49 percent of Republicans, with DeSantis currently in a distant second place with 21 percent, according to an average of polls by FiveThirtyEight. Nationally, among Americans of all political leanings, most people dislike DeSantis with 45 percent saying they dislike him, and just 35 percent saying they like him, according to the latest polling average.

DeSantis is “hungwee” for your support. But he’ll have to settle for mockery.


(Via Forbes)