A Dire Meatball Warning Has Been Issued By A Florida Newspaper To The Rest Of The U.S. About Wannabe ‘Strongman’ DeSantis

Ole Pudding Fingers Ron DeSantis has wreaked quite a bit of chaos lately in his own way. Shakespeare (The Bard!) is somehow forbidden in Florida schools, and the Sunshine State’s governor hopelessly made his slavery remarks even worse over the weekend. Not only that, but the emboldened and confused meatball extraordinaire has been waving some harsh, Mafia-like rhetoric around the U.S. in an attempt to outdo his primary rival.

I think we all know who that is, and it ain’t Mike Pence. However, whereas 44 can say horrible things and still somehow charm his MAGA legion, DeSantis simply comes across attempting to be as offensive as possible. That’s further been the case while he’s duking it out in Iowa, and now, a Florida-based newspaper is waving the red flag as far as it can reach across the U.S.

Via Raw Story, the Miami Herald‘s editorial board is loud and clear with their message, which goes something like… we are stuck with him, and you don’t want this. After an ominous “America, you’ve been warned,” the publication goes on to trounce DeSantis’ “Florida Blueprint” and determines that, as I suggested above, DeSantis could be equally as bad as Trump because DeSantis presumably knows how to behave, rather than shifting into “autocratic strongman” mode, and chooses not to do so:

Unlike thrice-indicted Trump, whom [Harvard University political scientist Steven] Levitsky describes as an “innate” authoritarian, DeSantis is an Ivy League-educated lawyer who understands the U.S. Constitution. In other words, he probably knows better.

That’s not all, of course. The paper outlines several ways that DeSantis has been doing Florida (and possibly his own actual principles) dirty. Those would include “quashing dissent,” “consolidating power,” “demonizing minorities,” and more. It’s certainly not an endorsement, but DeSantis might also be doing himself in with no additional help needed. On that note, USA Today reports that billionaire donors are dumping the meatball because of his war on “woke.” This includes billionaire hedge funder Ken Griffin, who decided to pull further campaign contributions over DeSantis’ silly war on Disney.

That meatball is simply rolling down the hill right about now.

(Via Miami Herald, Raw Story & USA Today)