Confused Meatball Ron DeSantis Didn’t Know What To Do When A Mic Guy Inadvertently Silenced His Speech

Ron DeSantis is many things: a human pudding spoon, an apparent meatball, and even an unsettling bobblehead. He also might have never learned to properly eat a slice until last month, and he can’t get hardly anyone to drink beer (for only $1) with him despite being a super fun guy. It’s rough out there.

DeSantis also has no luck when it comes to microphones. This slip-up technically wasn’t his fault, but it’s still amusing due to the general sense of confusion on his face. During a Friday morning campaign event, a Mic Guy noticed that DeSantis was having some issues, so he passed a spare to the Florida governor. Well, it didn’t work, and because it’s Friday, and I’m in a silly mood, enjoy this clip of a confused meatball pounding on a mic.

He sure is a man of many modes. One cannot help but notice that DeSantis is also favoring dark vests even during these hot summer temps. The better to hide the sweaty dress shirt? Earlier this week, DeSantis was also talking like a mobster while threatening to “slit throats” of bureaucrats as president. That’s all the talk of a Trump with none of the (inexplicable) charisma.