Once Again, Ron DeSantis Has Gone Viral For His Awkward Attempts To Smile Like A Normal Human Person

When human beings find things amusing or are happy or are trying to simply trying to charm other humans, they do a thing called a smile. To most, this comes naturally. To others, not so much. Ron DeSantis is very much in the latter category. He has trouble seeming normal, and during his spluttering presidential campaign he’s gone viral for weird smiles and weirder laughs. At the second GOP debate, he did a freaky smile again.

At one point during the debate, DeSantis tried to act tough, talking about vetoing legislation he doesn’t like. As some in the audience applauded, the Florida governor tried to do what anybody else would do: give a little smile while basking in the glory. But DeSantis can’t do that. Instead, he lurched through a series of awkward expressions that made him resemble an android on the fritz. At one point it looked like he’d smelled something foul, like a skunk.

Eventually, perhaps sensing that his efforts to seem cool, or at least like a human person, had failed, he shyly looked down, as though hoping no one had noticed the weirdness.

But people had noticed. Lots of them.

To some it was inevitable that “DeSantis makes a weird face” would happen.

Elsewhere during the evening, DeSantis mustered enough courage to be one of the only candidates on the stage to actually criticize Donald Trump, who was once again AWOL. Alas, he did so by basically plagiarizing things the more fierce Trump critic Chris Christie had said earlier.

(Via Mediaite)