‘Human’ Meatball DeSantis’ Unsettling Smile At The GOP Debate Sparked Theories About Why He’s So Awkward

Ole Pudding Fingers Ron DeSantis gave his first GOP primary debate “performance” on Wednesday night on Fox News. We had previously heard about an apparent debate prep list by a DeSantis-supporting superPAC, which proposed that he should attack Vivek Ramaswamy as “Vivek the Fake.” However, that list of items did not address DeSantis’ tendency to send off Homelander vibes, nor did it do much about his all-around awkwardness. (The Daily Mail recently reported, however, that his advisors coached him to remember to smile, which may have been what happened here.)

Interestingly enough, opponent Chris Christie attacked Ramaswamy has resembling Chat GPT with the way that he talked. However, one moment in particular had Bobblehead DeSantis looking rather robotic. That was when DeSantis shouted, “I will not let you down.” This was followed by an incredibly eerie smile that (later) got the closeup treatment. Naturally, the Internet set the followup moment to “hello Darkness, my old friend.”

Soon enough, jokes about DeSantis “smiling like a human” and being an AI form attempting to “learn human emotions” surfaced. Stephen King, who obviously knows scary sh*t, agreed.

He sure did seem like an awkward machine, even more so than the Trump-deemed “chocker” Marco Rubio in 2016.

As well, The Washington Post recently published an article called, “Awkward Americans see themselves in Ron DeSantis.” Not sure that’s actually the case, judging from these responses.