An Arizona Congressman Absolutely Lost It On Ted Cruz Over His Lame Response To The Texas School Shooting: ‘F*#k You…You F*#king Baby Killer!’

In the wake of such tragic events as the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, many people take to social media to express their grief and frustrations about how a lack of gun laws have led to a generation of Americans who have grown up amidst an epidemic of gun violence in the places where they should feel safe.

As Mediaite reports, Ruben Gallego is one of the people who was overcome with anger and emotion following the needless murder of 21 people, including 19 children, during yesterday’s attack. Unlike the rest of us, Gallego also happens to be a Democratic Congressman from Arizona. Still, that didn’t stop him from going off on Texas senator Ted Cruz, who claimed that while he was just as heartbroken as anyone else in the country that nearly two dozen people were senselessly killed, he doesn’t think that restricting gun laws is the answer.

“You see politicians trying to politicize this,” Cruz said, in a statement that clearly politicized the issue. “You see Democrats and a lot of folks in the media whose immediate solution is to try to restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. That doesn’t work. It’s not effective. It doesn’t prevent crime.”

Gallego was having absolutely none of Cruz’s bullsh*t—especially in light of the Texas senator’s extreme pro-life stance. In a series of tweets, he suggested that Cruz was better off just getting his “a** to Cancun. You are useless.”

In case anyone misunderstood his message, Gallego sent another tweet in which he outright called Cruz a “f*#king baby killer.”

Cruz wasn’t Gallego’s only target. When Darrell Issa, a Republican congressman from California, tweeted the much-maligned “thoughts and prayers,” the Arizonan told Issa what he could do with his thoughts and prayers in no uncertain terms.

(Via Mediaite)