Rudy Giuliani’s Latest Indignity Is Getting An Unflattering Nickname From Joe Scarborough

How are you doing these days? However you are, there’s a good chance you’re faring better than Rudy Giuliani. Over the last three years, the former NYC mayor has suffered one indignity after another, all because he threw his lot in with former president Donald Trump. Now, on top of everything else — on top of pricey lawsuits, money issues, accusations, and endless embarrassments — he’s suffering another humiliation: a mean if accurate nickname.

As per HuffPost, Joe Scarborough and co-host Willie Geist devoted part of Friday’s Morning Joe to discussing how far Giuliani has fallen.

“I don’t know if he faces prison, if he faces bankruptcy, if he faces additional charges,” Scarborough said. “It’s just from from all directions. And this is the cost, of course, when you turn your life over to Donald Trump.”

Geist pointed out that it seems Giuliani can’t pay his ever-mounting legal bills, prompting Scarborough to say, “It was all fun and games until the indictments started coming down.” He added, “And now, like for so many of the people around Donald Trump, the bill is coming due.”

Scarborough then bestowed upon him a new nickname: “From America’s Mayor to America’s Deadbeat.”

He stressed how unfortunate it is for anyone to team up with the former president, saying, “Following Donald Trump can get you thrown in jail or ruin you financially.”

Of course, Trump could always roar back into office after next year’s election. Perhaps that’s why some continue to take his side, throwing the dice on whether or not the big guy gets a belated second term. Of course, if the bet fails then there’s a stiff penalty for all. Besides, judging from how little help Trump has given Giuliani, it’s not clear if he’ll help out anyone if he’s back in power.

(Via HuffPost)