Rudy Giuliani Squirmed His Way To The Top Of Trump’s Legal Team With Shouting Matches And ‘Wild’ Theories, Says A New Book

On the heels of the news that Rudy Giuliani has been suspended from practicing law in New York after a court ruling deemed him a threat to the public due to his repeated false statements about the 2020 election, a new book details how Giuliani wormed his way to the top of Donald Trump’s legal team in the days after his election loss.

According to an excerpt from Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost by Wall Street Journal writer Michael C. Bender, Trump had a competent legal team led by Justin Clark who had been working with Trump since 2019 to make sure he wasn’t plagued by challengers in a Republican primary. That team reportedly had a strategy ready to go that would follow the existing laws for recounts, but Giuliani began filling Trump’s ear with “wild theories” that the former president couldn’t resist. Eventually, Giuliani’s presence led to Clark quitting, but not before launching some heated profanities. Via The Daily Mail:

‘On November 13, Trump summoned Clark into the Oval Office as Giuliani, on speakerphone, claimed the campaign had been too slow to contest election results in Georgia. Clark explained that state law required results to be certified before a recount could be requested, which hadn’t yet happened. ‘

“‘They’re lying to you, sir!'” Giuliani shouted. Clark denied anyone was lying.

‘Suddenly, the two men were shouting loud enough that it startled people waiting outside the Oval Office. ‘You’re a f***ing a**hole, Rudy!’ Clark said.

After the disastrous phone call, Clark stopped coming to the White House and Giuliani became the lead for Trump’s legal efforts to overturn the election. For his trouble, Giuliani is being sued for billions by voting software companies and can no longer practice law in New York where he was once a star prosecutor who brought down mobsters in the ’80s.

(Via Daily Mail)