Convicted Felon Cop Bernard Kerik Has Launched A ‘Freedom Fund’ To Help Rudy Giuliani Pay Lawyers To Try To Keep Him Out Of Prison

Rudy Giuliani had his license to practice law in New York suspended last week for making “demonstrably false and misleading statements” in court, on his podcast, to the hot dog vendor outside his apartment. It’s a shocking fall from “America’s mayor” to “getting dunked on by a landscaping company,” but Rudy still has his supporters.

Bernard Kerik, who served as the NYPD commissioner when Giuliani was mayor (he was later pardoned by Donald Trump after being sentenced to four years in prison), has started the Rudy Giuliani Freedom Fund to raise money for his buddy. “In an attempt to assist ⁦@RudyGiuliani to defend himself from frivolous lawsuits, a weaponized Justice Department, and the New York Bar, we have created the Rudy Giuliani Freedom Fund. This is the official Defense Fund for this American Patriot,” he tweeted, along with a link to the fundraiser. Does the website begin with “The Deep State”? You bet!

The Deep State is on a mission to take down every single one of President Donald J. Trump’s closest allies.

Among their top targets is Rudy Giuliani, who was repeatedly censored for trying to expose the truth about the Biden Family’s corruption ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

But, Rudy’s loyalty to President Trump and the truth has come with a hefty price.

Giuliani “urgently needs YOUR help as he battles for his freedom and justice,” the Freedom Fund claims, even though his net worth is reportedly in the millions. “And don’t forget… if the Deep State can do this to a former president’s confidante who did nothing wrong, then one day, they could do it to you.” It’s unclear how much the campaign has raised, but Rudy’s supporters are welcome to donate online — or mail a check to an address in West Palm Beach, Florida. Nothing shady has ever happened in Florida.

The Freedom Fund isn’t free, but the reactions on Twitter are:

(Via Business Insider)