Rudy Giuliani Thinks The Jan. 6th MAGA Insurrection Didn’t Happen As You Saw It With Your Own Eyes And Is All An ‘Exaggeration’

Rudy Giuliani visited the right-wing news network Newsmax on Thursday to try and gaslight the entire country with claims that the January 6th insurrection on Capitol Hill was all an “exaggeration.”

Giuliani, who’s currently being sued for billions by Dominion for spreading totally baseless voter fraud theories during the 2020 Presidential Election, told host Rob Schmitt that the current House Committee investigation into the attack on Congress earlier this year is just part of the Democrats plan to overthrow Donald Trump.

“This is really a coup that they carried right through to their exaggeration of Jan. 6, which they’re still carrying on, keeping those people in prison the way you would in a fascist country,” Giuliani said. He also went after Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who has said he believes there is direct evidence that Trump worked with the Russians to secure a win during the 2016 Presidential Election.

“Why doesn’t anyone ask him who are those two people and that piece of paper that he said had direct evidence of Donald Trump being involved in Russian collusion? I’d like to see that piece of paper,” Giuliani ranted. “If he can’t produce it and there are no people, maybe they should throw him out of the Congress because he’s a damn liar. He also is a traitor, because to make a charge like that against a president hurts the United States of America.”

You know what else hurts the United States of America? Having a sitting president incite violence against members of Congress all because he lost an election. Giuliani is still a person of interest in the investigation into the Jan. 6th insurrection — which did happen, by the way — so it makes sense that he’d want to downplay the attack, which left hundreds injured and five dead, including a Capitol police officer. Four more officers who responded to the attack that day committed suicide in the months that followed.

That’s not an exaggeration, it’s a fact, something that Giuliani probably isn’t too familiar with after his years of service under Trump’s regime.

(Via Newsmax)