Trump’s Lawyers Filed A Legal Brief That Falsely Stated He Has Been Cleared Of Any Jan. 6 Shenanigans — And The Judge Laughed Out Loud

United States District Court Judge Tanya S. Chutkan vocalized what many of us are thinking when she laughed out loud at Donald Trump’s lawyers. As Raw Story reports, the former president’s attorneys were in court on Tuesday to file a legal brief in which they boldly—and quite falsely—stated that both the FBI and the Senate have cleared Trump of any wrongdoing as it relates to the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th. Which is patently false, and anyone who follows the news would certainly know that.

While discussing the legal brief, Chutkan jumped right in to ask about a line that stated: “Notwithstanding [the January 6th committee’s] allegations and insinuations of conspiracy, investigations by the FBI and the Senate Committee on Government Affairs and Homeland Security rebuff their contentions of wrongdoing by Trump Administration officials.”

Chutkan, good sport that she is, decided to play along and ask about the basis upon which they had reached that conclusion. To which Trump’s lawyers replied: “Just a published article from Reuters … quoting the FBI.”

Chutkan, now in absolute disbelief, actually laughed out loud at this response, before responding: “You cite an article … That’s your only support for that statement?”

Indeed, it was.

You can listen to the laugh-riot of an argument over at Raw Story.

(Via Raw Story)