Rudy Giuliani Flew Down To Mar-A-Lago To Beg Trump To Help With The Staggering Legal Bills He Amassed By Doing His Bidding

Chances are you’re probably doing better than Rudy Giuliani right now. The former “America’s Mayor” has fallen on hard, pathetic times. He’s so broke his lawyers are begging courts for leniency. He might go to the slammer, to the delight of all the mobsters he jailed (under the same laws, too). And it’s all because he came out of what could have been a happy retirement to help Donald Trump. Is the former president at least grateful enough to help the poor guy out of a sticky situation? Sort of, not really.

As per CNN, back in late April, a desperate Giuliani flew with his lawyer down to Mar-a-Lago to beg his pal — the same pal for whom he effectively torched his life — for money. He could use it, too: Giuliani’s bills are reportedly now in the seven figure range, and it’s not as though he can still practice law in New York City or D.C.

Alas, after two meetings and “several pitches,” Trump “didn’t seem very interested,” according to the report. He “verbally agreed” to offer some help, but “without committing to any specific amount or timeline.”

Trump reportedly did help out a little:

Another source told CNN that Trump only agreed to cover a small fee from a data vendor hosting Giuliani’s records. And months later, Trump’s Save America PAC paid $340,000 to that vendor, Trustpoint, federal campaign filings show. CNN has now confirmed the payment was intended to settle Giuliani’s outstanding bill with the company.

Trump hasn’t offered any other financial help since then. But he did offered him something else: He told him he would “stop by” not one but two Giuliani fundraisers. What a guy.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday a Giuliani lawyer team told a New York state judge that his client couldn’t pay additional costs to supply records pertaining to the hefty Smartmatic lawsuit against him.

Earlier this month it was reported that not only has Trump refused to offer Giuliani much financial assistance, but was also considering throwing him under the bus to save his hide. Giuliani, of course, has steadfastly refused to do the same to him. But one person close to the situation told CNN it’s “not a smart idea” for Trump not to help out Rudy, as Rudy could very well turn into his next Michael Cohen, only with arguably dirtier dirt on him.

(Via CNN)