Rudy Giuliani Is Apparently So Broke His Lawyers Are Practically Begging Judges For Mercy In Court

Rudy Giuliani appears to have officially gone broke for Trump. According to CNN, the former New York City mayor is drowning in legal fees stemming from various lawsuits and federal investigations related to his attempts to help Donald Trump overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Things have gotten so bad that Giuliani’s attorneys have had to beg for mercy in court, telling a judge on Monday that their client “cannot afford to pay” his mounting bills and needs an extension from the court in regard to certain pending civil cases.

“He is having financial difficulties,” Giuliani’s lawyers wrote in a filing earlier this month, adding that he hasn’t been paying his attorney fees on time. “These are a lot of bills that he’s not paying. I think this is very humbling for Mr. Giuliani.”

Those bills include nearly $90,000 in sanctions from a judge in one of his defamation cases, a $20,000 monthly fee to a data hosting site responsible for storing important records related to his federal cases, $57,000 in unpaid phone bills, $89,000 in legal bills for two Georgia election workers who had to litigate in order to clear their names after Giuliani implicated them in his “Stop the Steal” campaign and the standard attorney fees for his legal team. A team that will be even busier in the coming months after Giuliani was named in a 100-page indictment accusing Trump and his inner circle of interfering in Georgia’s state elections.

While Trump’s campaign is financing his own legal bills — and those of some of his co-conspirators — the only financial help Giuliani seems to have received from his former partner in crime came from a Trump Super PAC which footed a $300,000+ bill Giuliani owed to his data hosting company. That company now refuses to give the former mayor any more credit, and he’s so strapped for cash that he’s been forced to put his Manhattan apartment up for sale.