Rudy Giuliani Did A Bad Joe Pesci Impression While Quoting ‘My Cousin Vinny’ In His Latest Bonkers Press Conference

On Thursday morning, Donald Trump tweeted, “Important News Conference today by lawyers on a very clear and viable path to victory. Pieces are very nicely falling into place. RNC at 12:00 P.M.” There’s already so much packed into that single tweet — the uppercase “Important News Conference,” the blatant lie of a “viable path to victory,” etc. — but the best was yet to come. Trump’s lawyers include Rudy Giuliani, who is tasked with challenging Joe Biden’s legal victory in the election, but he mostly spends his time screaming next to a sex shop in Philadelphia and quoting My Cousin Vinny.

Giuliani’s press conference was largely “the same reheated garbage” that we’ve already heard a thousand times before, with one exception: the disgraced former-mayor of New York City busted out of an impression of Joe Pesci’s character from My Cousin Vinny, the 1992 legal-comedy that won Marisa Tomei an Oscar (deservedly so). “Did you all watch My Cousin Vinny? You know the movie? It’s one of my favorite of all movies, because he comes from Brooklyn,” Giuliani said, while he was supposed to be defending Trump’s BS claim of voter fraud. “When the nice lady who said she saw. And then he…”

You know what? Just watch the clip. The Pesci impression is too good to describe. (Also, Rudy’s hair dye started melting and running down his face in the middle of the press conference.)

Here’s the clip (which Rudy perfectly summarized) in question. Would it surprise anyone if Giuliani, who has turned into a real-life George Costanza (if Costanza had worse politics and got duped by Borat), said that he learned everything he knows about the law from watching My Cousin Vinny on cable? It would make a lot of sense, actually. Meanwhile:

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