2023 Is Off To An Amazing Start For Rudy Giuliani, Who Posted An Unintentionally Hilarious Video Of Himself Being Drowned Out By A Band Singing “Footloose”

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bash was clearly the place to be this New Year’s Eve. First, there was the former president ringing in the new year with a truly rousing speech in which he attempted to blame the winter storms for MyPillow King Mike Lindell and Rudy Giuliani being the only people who showed up to his party. Then, Mr. Four Seasons Total Landscaping himself took the time to record and post what might be the most inspiring message he’s ever delivered — only because you couldn’t hear a word he said.

While toasting 2023 with the rest of the MAGA elite (all two of them), Giuliani turned his phone inward and recorded a message for all to hear… but all anyone could hear was whatever band actually agreed to play at Mar-a-Lago busting out a banger rendition of “Footloose.” While Giuliani surprised everyone by having enough sense to actually delete the post after being brutally roasted over it (sorry!), The Independent fortunately kept a copy of it for posterity — and helpfully tried to caption what words could be heard, including “I’m.” If Melania Trump had to guess how that sentence might have ended, she might have gone with: “I’m hoping to catch Melania in her robe a little later.”

Unfortunately, the world will never know what sage words Rudy had for us, but you can watch his message hilariously being rendered moot — and mute — while everybody cuts (everybody cuts) footloose here.

(Via The Independent)