Sidney Powell Had A Plan To Steal Voting Machines That Was So Crazy Even Rudy Giuliani Nixed It

Hard to believe it’s been just over three years since the Trump team’s madcap attempts to overturn an election. Even stranger is it might happen again. But November’s a long ways away, and besides, people are still uncovering bananas antics perpetrated by the former president and his bumbling cronies. For instance, we’re only now learning that cuckoo Trump attorney Sidney Powell hatched a scheme to pilfer voting machines that was so out-there even Rudy Giuliani shot it down.

Per Mediaite, in their new, long-titled book Find Me the Votes: A Hard-Charging Georgia Prosecutor, a Rogue President, and the Plot to Steal an American Election, reporters Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman wanted ex-intel operatives to break into election offices and steal machines so they could prove alleged malfeasance. She even wanted to get preemptive pardons, just in case they got caught breaking the law. Oh, and they had to have hunting licenses.

Here’s some of her plan, per Iskioff and Klaidman’s book:

The idea was to tap ex-intel operatives who would break into election offices in swing states and seize Dominion voting machines and servers so they could prove the equipment had been hacked by foreign powers. The operatives would need hunting licenses in order to fulfill their mission. “Hunting licenses? What in the world were they talking about?”

Powell chimed in. “Pardon.” She said. “From President Trump, I need six to eight pardons. But these weren’t ordinary pardons for past misconduct. They would be preemptive pardons,” she explained, an advance permission slip from the president to protect the operatives from criminal prosecution in the future, should any pesky prosecutors go after them for breaching an election office and stealing data.

Powell was so gung-ho for this plan, which shares some DNA with the Watergate break-in, that she went right to the top…or to another of the top dog’s lawyers.

“They actually went to, Trump campaign headquarters and to Rudy Giuliani, to to get him to ask the president,” Klaidman said, during an appearance on MSNBC. “He said, well, this is, this may go a little too far. This is impractical.”

When you’ve lost the mystery goo guy, it might be time to put down the Dr. Pepper and look in the mirror. Likewise it might be time for Republican voters to seriously ask themselves if they want this nonsense back in the White House.

(Via Mediaite)