Ousted Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Is Being Roasted For Claiming Voter Fraud In A County That Doesn’t Exist

When she joined Donald Trump’s relentlessly bumbling “elite strike force,” lawyer Sidney Powell was held up as a legal legend who would lend credibility to a campaign that desperately needed it. That image didn’t last long. After promising to “unleash the Kraken” upon incoming president Joe Biden, she…didn’t. Instead she proved kookier than even Rudy Giuliani, to the point that she was kicked off the team entirely, leaving her to pursue her own baseless claims of voter fraud independently. That’s not going well either, as witness a new lawsuit alleging malfeasance in a county that, well, doesn’t exist.

Powell has filed a number of lawsuits in states that were targeted by the Trump team, in the hopes of overturning their final results, even after they’d been certified. They’ve been disasters, riddled with errors, typos, and bizarre formatting hiccups that render them unreadable, on top of ridiculous. But one bit in the lawsuit she filed in Michigan caught the eye of Bridge Michigan journalist Jonathan Oosting.

“One of the witnesses in Sidney Powell’s new Michigan lawsuit says in a declaration he thinks there’s something fishy about election returns in Edison County, MI,” Oosting wrote on Twitter. “Thing is, there is no Edison County in Michigan.”

Hey, at least in this one she didn’t spell “district” four different ways! That’s what she did in her widely-belittled lawsuit in Pennsylvania, which certified its election for Biden before Thanksgiving.

But wait, it gets worse. There is no Edison County anywhere in the United States of America.

This lead to much mockery over social media.



Some wondered if the non-existent county played a role in Powell’s QAnon-level conspiracy theory about the late Hugo Chavez helping to steal the 2020 election.

Others roped in another popular Twitter subject.


The Trump team — which, again, ousted Powell from their ranks for making them look bad — has had a helluva time getting basic details about the state correct. One filed by attorney Lin Wood claimed fraud in Michigan, but used data from Minnesota instead. Wood gained notoriety for defending Richard Jewell, a rent-a-cop wrongfully accused of terrorism, in the mid-’90s, and was later played onscreen by no less than Sam Rockwell in last year’s Clint Eastwood movie. But judging how this case is going, it seems the next thespian to play Wood will be Rob Schneider in one of Adam Sandler’s Netflix comedies.

(Via The Inquisitr)