Trump Gave An Ominously Vague Answer When Asked If He Intended To Overturn The 2020 Election

When you’ve been indicted for a crime and you’ve pled not guilty, it’s probably best not to admit that you did it. But Donald Trump’s not everybody. The former president has been defying orders from Judge Tanya Chutkan not to recklessly post about the Jan. 6 case, in which he’s accused of intentionally trying to overturn the election. And during an appearance in Iowa this weekend, he came awfully close to admitting he’s guilty.

As per Mediaite, Trump was one of many GOP presidential candidates who swung by the Iowa State Fair Saturday, hoping to score big in one of the nation’s key swing states. As he shlepped amongst the throngs, reporters bombarded him with questions. One asked, “President Trump, did you intend to overturn the 2020 election?”

Trump took a second before replying, winkingly, “You know the answer to that.”

What does that mean? Perhaps he meant he didn’t and that that whole Jan. 6 rioting thing was simply a tragicomical misunderstanding. Or maybe he meant something way, way worse. If so, he’s following in his own lawyer’s steps by straight-up admitting his guilt.

Trump is a famously slippery guy who’s both careless and careful enough to not blurt out something that could actually be used against him in a court of law. Last weekend he got in a heap of trouble with a vaguely worded Truth Social post that threatened those who “go after me.” It was widely interpreted to mean those prosecuting him, such as special counsel Jack Smith, but because he never explicitly mentioned anyone specifically, he has plausibly deniability. It’s almost brilliant, if it wasn’t also dangerous.

(Via Mediaite)