Rudy Giuliani Has Been Ordered To Pay His Ex-Wife Costly Back Payments Or Go To The Slammer

Rudy Giuliani could have had a cushy retirement. Instead he teamed up with Donald Trump. The one-time “America’s Mayor” has been through a lot in the last two years, from creative public embarrassments to jaw-droppingly large lawsuits. On top of everything else, he’s apparently fallen behind on payments to his most recent ex-wife, and that may land him in the slammer.

As per The New York Post, a Manhattan judge on Friday gave Giuliani an ultimatum: Pay his former wife Judith Giuliani, whom he divorced in 2019, $225,000 plus lawyers’ fees by the end of next month. If he doesn’t, Justice Michael Katz said, he will be “forced to remand the defendant into custody.”

Mind you, that’s not even the full amount he allegedly owes. In her lawsuit against him, Judith claimed her ex-husband owed her payments totaling $262,000. At a previous hearing last month, though, Giuliani claimed that the amount he owed her is a “gross exaggeration.” He claimed he would provide proof of his claim. He never did.

On top of everything else, Giuliani didn’t even show up to the hearing on Friday. “For him to snub his nose at the court and not bother showing up and appearing in court — God forbid somebody would do that to him when he was US attorney,” said Dror Bikel, Judith’s lawyer. Then again, given that his law license has been suspended in New York and Washington D.C., perhaps he forgot what it’s like to deal with the courts.

(Via The New York Post)