Rudy Giuliani Reportedly Evaded Dominion’s Lawsuit Process Servers For A Full Week Before They Got Him

Defending Donald Trump as an attorney sure doesn’t pay. Just ask Michael Cohen, who’s still salty about that prison sentence. As for Rudy Giuliani, the damage was not only to his hair dye but also where it may hurt most: his wallet. Trump reportedly refused to pay America’s (Former) Mayor for his work on the Elite Strike Team that vowed to overturn the election. Not only that, but Dominion Voting Systems sued Rudy for $1.3 billion (and also separately sued wacky Sidney Powell and the MyPillow guy, Mike Lindell) for his baseless election fraud claims.

Did Rudy want to sued? Of course not, yet he apparently put up a ridiculous fight. The NY Daily News details how (despite Rudy putting on a brave public face and declaring that he was prepared for legal battle) Giuliani managed to dodge process servers for a full week. He refused to waive service and accept the 107-page document via email, so they had to chase him down, old-school style. Oh boy:

“After not responding to requests to waive service, Mr. Giuliani evaded in-person service of process for nearly a week. It took numerous attempts, at both his home and office, before we were able to successfully serve Mr. Giuliani on February 10. Mr. Giuliani’s repeated false claims about Dominion have been immeasurably damaging; this service of process is one more step forward in our pursuit of justice,” said Tom Clare, an attorney for Dominion.

In all fairness, this news suggests that Rudy got his hair-dye game working for him (finally), since process servers couldn’t literally follow the black-goo trail. Good for him? A full week of dodging is pretty hardcore, but you can’t run from the law forever, man.

(Via NY Daily News)