Rudy Giuliani’s Legal Woes Are Leading Him To Trim His Entourage While Trump Still Refuses To Pay Him

Last week, federal investigators raided Rudy Giuliani’s home looking for evidence on his questionable dealings in the Ukraine that led to Donald Trump’s first impeachment, and already, Giuliani is showing signs of financial trouble as those legal woes stack up. According to a recent report, “America’s Mayor” has been forced to scale back his entourage and has been giving the boot to staffers and independent contractors. He’s even finding creative ways to save on transportation. Via Politico:

Giuliani has enlisted a part-time driver, Eric Ryan, the son of his friend Maria Ryan, according to one of the people familiar with the matter. But he no longer moves around Manhattan with the full complement of as many as five people he has kept around him in recent years. (Ryan didn’t respond to a request for comment.)

As he infamously done in the past, former president Donald Trump has reportedly refused to pay Giuliani for his legal services during the 2020 election, which has only compounded Rudy’s money problems as his team (read: his son) continues to petition Trump to pay up and “be the hero” here.

“Once President Trump actually understands that his lead counsel was not indemnified, he’s going to resolve this very quickly,” Andrew Giuliani told CNN on Wednesday. Trump is reportedly sitting on a “substantial pile of cash” that his campaign raised after the election. However, none of that money has gone towards Rudy’s mounting legal troubles, which can largely be traced back to his work with Trump.

(Via Politico, CNN)