A Former Fox News Producer Claims There Are Secret Tapes Of Rudy Giuliani And Others Admitting There’s No Proof Of 2020 Voter Fraud

Last month, Abby Grossberg, a former Fox News producer who’d worked with Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson, filed multiple lawsuits against her old employer. Grossberg claimed that Fox lawyers had pressured her, in a “coercive and intimidating manner,” to give misleading testimony in that ginormous Dominion lawsuit against the network. She also had some not-nice things to say about Tucker. But wait, there’s more.

According to The Daily Beast, Grossberg filed amended legal complaints in which she claimed she had made secret recordings of Trump cronies admitting that they knew their voter fraud nonsense was just that. Among them was Rudy Giuliani, who torched his career and reputation in a chaotic — and luckily failed — attempt to overturn the 2020 election, as well as Dr. Pepper enthusiast Sidney Powell. The conversations were held in the Fox control room, and Grossberg captured them with Otter, a popular transcription device.

Here’s some of what she allegedly captured:

During a recording in mid-November 2020, according to Grossberg, Giuliani admitted to Bartiromo that the Trump campaign couldn’t prove some of its Dominion allegations. Asked by Bartiromo what evidence he had implicating Dominion in rigging the election, Giuliani allegedly said “that’s a little harder.” He also conceded that he had no evidence to back up the conspiracy theory that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had an interest in Dominion. “I’ve read that. I can’t prove that,” he said.

On that same recording, Grossberg says that Powell claimed that a “registered agent for Smartmatic” was on President Joe Biden’s “transition team.” However, when pressed by Bartiromo on her most compelling evidence that voting software flipped votes for Biden, Powell merely said the Trump campaign had “a witness who’s given a foreign declaration about how [the voting software] was created, why it was created, and watched it work.”

Possibly the most damning of Grossberg’s recordings is one from December, between her, Bartiromo, and a “high-ranking advisor to and spokesperson for President Trump and the Trump 2020 presidential campaign.” The latter, the complaint states, admitted point-blank that “there were in fact no issues” with any of the voting machines in Georgia, despite what Trump and cronies asserted to the public. Whoops!

In her legal complaint, Grossberg’s legal team argue that Fox News “deliberately or recklessly failed to produce highly relevant recordings of behind-the-scenes conversations” to Dominion over the course of their lawsuit.

In other words, more good news for Fox News. Their big trial begins on April 17, with Rupert Murdoch and others expected to take the stand. Not that you’d know it from watching the network, where one star also expected to testify talked to the guy who got them in this mess to begin with.

(Via The Daily Beast)