Everyone Is Disgusted By A ‘Nasty’ Video Of Rudy Giuliani Shaving In Public At The Airport After Eating Soup

In an episode of the bad movie podcast How Did This Get Made?, guest Andrea Savage told a story about the 2006 holiday film Deck the Halls. Her friend, Gillian Vigman, was on the set of the box office dud and she witnessed star Matthew Broderick looking forlorn and muttering to himself, “I’ve hit rock bottom.” This was a man who was involved in a car crash that killed two people, but Deck the Halls was his “rock bottom.”

I thought about that anecdote after seeing this:

Rudy Giuliani keeps finding new rock bottoms.

The man once known as “America’s Mayor” was filmed shaving in public in New York City’s JFK Airport by Nick Weiss, who also spotted the disgraced attorney struggling to slurp soup. “It took him 15 minutes to have one bowl of soup because every time he’d bring the spoon up to his mouth, half would fall back into the soup. It was disgusting,” he told the Daily Mail. We’ve all seen truly vile things at the airport, but nothing on the level of Rudy Giuliani sanding away his facial hair in public after eating lobster bisque.

After he finished his soup, a woman served Giuliani a plate of brownies. That’s when he pulled out his razor, and used a tablet camera in selfie mode to shave, Weiss said. The most bizarre part, Weiss added, was that there was a “really nice bathroom” just paces away equipped with sinks, large mirrors, and showers.

Maybe he wasn’t shaving — maybe he was removing the black ooze streaking down his face again. Yeah, that’s probably it. At least it’s on brand for Rudy.

(Via the Daily Mail)