Smartmatic Is Awfully Tired Of Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Dog Ate My Homework’-Style Excuses Involving Their Pricey Lawsuit Against Him

Rudy Giuliani isn’t doing so hot these days. The erstwhile “America’s Mayor” is in a whole mess of legal trouble. His old pal Donald Trump — for whom he torched his reputation — might be throwing him under the bus to save his hide. There’s the former assistant who has tapes of him saying some wild stuff. One could almost forget about that pricey Smartmatic suit involving him. It seems like he has, to the annoyance of the voting technology company he’s alleged to have smeared.

As per CNN, Smartmatic called out Giuliani in court filings Monday, accusing him of offering “excuse after excuse” for not turning over needed documents. They’ve accused him of “half-heartedly” searching for devices containing said documents. At one point he claimed to have “lost” his iPhone. Smartmatic has had it.

“‘The dog ate my homework.’ ‘I have to wash my hair.’ ‘I can’t go out, I’m sick.’ Since the dawn of time, people have made up excuses to avoid doing things they do not want to do. This is exactly what Giuliani has done here,” the company wrote. “For months, Giuliani has made up excuses to get out of his discovery obligations. …To date, Giuliani has not produced a single non-public document responsive to the discovery requests Smartmatic issued 14 months ago.”

Now Smartmatic is asking a New York state judge to force Giuliani to comply with their requests. They also want him to submit financial information to back up his claims that he can’t afford an outside vendor to help him supply the documents. What’s more, they want Giuliani to pay some of the legal fees they’ve incurred due to his alleged actions.

Still, surely even Smartmatic can admit that Giuliani’s Mitch McConnnell impersonation is pretty hilarious.

(Via CNN)