Rudy Giuliani Peddled More Wacko Election Conspiracy Theories On ‘Hannity’ And Closed With A Throat-Slash Gesture: ‘Cut The Head Off’

Rudy Giuliani’s most recent press conference about “election fraud” spiraled into complete disaster. That’s not entirely shocking, considering the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle, but no one anticipated that Rudy would quote My Cousin Vinny while hair dye slid down his face in a literal meltdown, leading to members of Trump’s social media team mocking him in a live video that got yanked from YouTube.

Where does one go to discuss “the issues” after such a spectacle? Sean Hannity’s Fox News program welcomed Rudy, who proceeded to air his latest conspiracy theory — which has already been debunked by Snopes — involving a baseless claim about U.S. election fraud being orchestrated in Germany. It’s completely bonkers-sounding, of course, but the far-right is attempting to convince people that the U.S. army seized a software server that engineered the Biden win, or changed Trump votes, or something, and it’s all Hillary’s fault. As Rudy ranted, even Hannity seemed to be slightly taken aback, but he had to know that Rudy wasn’t exactly going to behave in a rational manner while appearing on the show.

Rudy gesticulated wildly while exclaiming, “Biden! Biden! Biden! Biden!” At the end of his missive, he declared, “Somebody’s got to cut the head off.” That’s when the throat-cutting gesture happened, presumably in reference to the Democratic party or perhaps even Hillary Clinton herself, given that he groused about how “the Democrat party was hijacked by Clinton and since then it’s gone more corrupt, and more corrupt, and more corrupt.” Yikes.