Rudy Giuliani Might Be Doing A Touch Better If The Trump Campaign Paid Him That $2 Million He’s Owed

As you’ve probably heard, Rudy Giuliani could certainly be doing better these days. Once “America’s Mayor,” now he’s a joke who’s also broke, having filed for bankruptcy late last year after a defamation suit against him ended with him ordered to fork over $148 million. He doesn’t have that; for one thing his checking account is way in the red. You know who could slightly alleviate his suffering? Places that owe him money, like the 2020 Trump campaign.

Per Raw Story, Giuliani made an appearance in U.S. Bankruptcy Court Wednesday, where he was forced to admit that both the former president’s second campaign and the Republication National Committee owe him $2 million in legal fees.

“I got paid expenses but I never got a salary,” he revealed.

If it sounds like Giuliani’s creditors are demanding he ask Trump himself for money, he made sure to stress that he isn’t demanding Trump himself pay up. Just his campaign and the party committee that will likely name him as their 2024 candidate. Trump does owe Giuliani money, though it seems he’s hesitant to ask him for it, which definitely reflects positively on the 45th American president.

During the lengthy court appearance, Giuliani revealed he has $10.6 million in assets, which isn’t much when he owes $153 million in liabilities.

Will someone who owes Giuliani money for the love of god please give it to him already? The guy put himself in this position, but at this point his humiliation is on the verge of turning not tragicomic but regular tragic.

(Via Raw Story)