Putin’s Mobilized Troops Are Apparently Being Told To Bring Tampons And Maxi Pads To Treat Their Own Bullet Wounds And Are Being Denied Armor

Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine grows more disastrous by the day, and his mobilized troops are reportedly being given nothing to keep them alive. More of this terrible news arrives amid leaked audio footage of a frontlines soldier referring to Putin as a “f*ck face,” and those 300,000+ drafted troops will soon feel that frustration and more. Putin has threatened prison sentences against those Russian men (of fighting age) who refuse those draft papers (some of which were given to protesters), but if those soldiers expect any sort of humane treatment, they’re out of luck.

As such, being shipped over to Ukraine is essentially a death sentence for Russian troops, after half of the initial supply had already died by mid-summer. Via The Daily Beast‘s Julia Davis, this Nexta video shows soldiers being told to “get your girlfriends and wives to get sanitary pads, the cheapest pads, plus the cheapest tampons… you shove it right into the bullet wound.”

And as Newsweek further relays, men are only really receiving a military uniform. There’s no armor, no tourniquets, and these soldiers are being told, “Guys, take care of yourselves.” They’re also reportedly being denied access to bathrooms with no food to be found. How Putin expects them to have energy to fight all remains a mystery.

It’s no wonder that Russian troops have been disguising themselves and doing everything that they can to flee Ukraine. And from the very beginning, these troops made it clear (while also threatening to blow up their general) that they were sent in without a plan or the means to execute any plan, which again, didn’t exist. Now, Putin has decided that more bodies are the way to go (without any training, just pulled off the Russian streets), and unfortunately, those bodies will almost 100% not survive the trip.

(Via The Daily Beast & Newsweek)