Sarah Cooper Doesn’t Sound Too Upset About Losing A Donald Trump Presidency To Make Fun Of

Few people can really say they’ve had a good year, but despite all the horrors of 2020 it’s safe to say Sarah Cooper has enjoyed it more than most of us. The viral sensation who has turned her impersonation of Donald Trump into mainstream success and some impressive TV work has plenty on her plate these days, mainly because of her work lampooning the president. But even she’s not exactly mourning the fact that Donald Trump lost the presidency.

In an interview with The Guardian, Cooper spoke about her meteoric rise in 2020 and what it’s done to her life now that people recognize her form TikTok and now a Netflix comedy special. We know by now that Trump was asked about Cooper’s impressions by name earlier in the year, though it wasn’t clear if he ever followed up on actually seeking her videos out.

Still, she admitted that she’s not worried about popping up in his Tweets anytime soon, as he’s still trying desperately to throw out millions of votes against him and somehow win the presidency.

“I feel that Trump has bigger fish to fry than Sarah Cooper. I think he has got stuff on his plate and so I’m not super worried that he will come after me.”

Cooper also didn’t seem too upset about losing the subject that gave her the breakthrough that’s changed her career. In fact, she said she would “be terrified” if Trump had managed to beat Joe Biden and established a “fascist state.”

But if he had won again, I would be very… I would be terrified. If he had won, and they kept control of the Senate, we would be going into a fascist state. I told my sister, they would be flying Trump flags with the American flag, and I think I would’ve had to start pretending I loved Trump. I think we’d all have to start pretending we loved Trump.”

Despite the apparent doom we avoided with Biden winning the presidency earlier in the month, his refusal to concede the election certainly has many people worried as November wanes and a transition of power remains jilted. But honestly, that wouldn’t be the worst thing for Cooper if he decided to stick around and, say, be on TV all the time after his presidency ends up. Even Cooper knows that.

“I hate him so much,” she said in the interview, “but he has provided my greatest material.”