Bad Lip Reading Returns To Give Us A Glimpse Into How Sarah Sanders Must Really Feel

Veep creator Armando Iannucci once said that the Trump administration killed political satire, but nothing could kill Bad Lip Reading. The group’s latest video takes on a Sarah Huckabee Sanders White House press briefing, and by “takes on,” we mean reduces it to their usual hilarious absurdist nonsense.

It begins with Sanders “saying” to the room “I need a drink” in the typical dubbed-over Bad Lip Reading fashion and spirals off from there. The reporters, done with asking real, pointed questions that won’t get sufficiently answered by Sanders, here ramble about random miscellany involving rubbing themselves with horseradish and, in one case, asking Sanders out on a date. Sanders is if anything more hostile in these videos than in real life, wearily calling reporters names like “Sasquatch Steven,” “Lanky,” and “Turd.” In its ridiculous, Internet time-killer way, the video really captures how we’ve all lost our minds during this administration’s tenure and are ready to speak in tongues or whatever.

Bad Lip Reading’s video drops a day after one of Sander’s days on the job, when she could barely make excuses for her boss in the wake of both Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen being found guilty of serious crimes, each getting their own lengthy jail sentences. This video is like a cherry on top.