Scott Baio Asked For ‘Trump’ On His Starbucks Cup, But The Barista Refused To Call It Out

The public relationship between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Starbucks hasn’t been all that great since the former called for a boycott of the latter in November. In an attempt to score political points with evangelicals, Trump took their side in the great Starbucks red cup debate — an issue of the utmost importance that no one has talked about since the holidays. Never fear, for Scott Baio is here! That’s right — the star of Joanie Loves ChachiCharles in Charge and Scott Baio Is… 45 and Single is a Trump supporter, and he’s fighting the good fight against the coffee conglomerate.

How’s he doing that, exactly? By ordering “one of those vanilla bullsh*t things,” giving Trump’s name for the order, and seeing if the barista would call out the modified Drumpf surname. The barista allegedly did no such thing, so Baio took his non-valid complaint to Twitter.

“Got wife a coffee (I’ve never had a cup) The barista refused to call out name.”

Not only did Baio triumphantly protest against the billion-dollar corporation (on behalf of his wealthy realty television star-turned-presidential candidate), but he also made sure to stress that he’d never drank the stuff. He even whipped up a clever hashtag for the slacktivist act, #MustBeABernieVoter — which no one else is using.

“Look, ma. I can social media!”

(Via Eater)