One Of Scott Baio’s ‘Happy Days’ Co-Stars Thinks He’s ‘Way Out Of Line’ With His Criticism Of The Cast Reunion

Scott Baio got steamed over John Stamos wanting to be Chachi in a reunion and the reunion itself, and Ralph Malph wants Baio to sit down. Yes, I did type that sentence in 2020, but it’s certainly no less messed up than the rest of what we’ve seen lately.

Let’s briefly recap here. Baio, a noted MAGA enthusiast who recently took over a craft store to celebrate his Trump love, grew angry when his former Happy Days co-star, Ron Howard, crossed nostalgia with politics. Howard’s perceived offense was to organize while raising funds for Joe Biden in the swing state of Wisconsin. Quite quickly, cast members — including Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Marion Ross, and Don Most — hopped aboard. Baio decided not to reprise his Chachi role (even though he has “Chachi” in his Twitter bio), and he complained that Howard plotted “to use a classic show like Happy Days about Americana to promote an anti-American socialist. #Shameful.” Then John Stamos stepped up with an offer to play Chachi, and Baio judged hard: “This is what Hollywood has come to. #shameful #LiberalsAreDesperate.” He fired shots at Stamos about “Aunt Becky.” It got pretty ugly.

Don Most didn’t appreciate Baio’s tantrums. While speaking to Fox News to promote his Lost Heart film, Most related that he wasn’t surprised that Baio sat out the reunion, but he wishes that Chachi would chill out and realize that free speech goes both ways:

“It was disappointing to hear how strongly he felt. And how he was so critical and negative about us doing this. I felt it was way out of line. I really did. Because we are entitled to our opinions. And we were all as a group uniting to do something, just like he proposes his views. He was part of the show and people are aware of him because of that show. And he’s using that as a way to present his views. We’re entitled to do the same. And we were all united in the way we felt.”

Most also related that he and Scott used to play golf together, but they really don’t touch base anymore, and it doesn’t sound like they’ll be hanging together anytime soon. And what does Scott Baio think of this (which is the reason why he’s currently trending on Twitter)? He has a Chachi GIF in response.