Die-Hard MAGA Scott Baio’s ‘Now Try To Paint Me As A Racist’ Declaration Totally Backfired On Him

Scott Baio is back again for more trouncing like a bad spinoff. Fortunately, we’re not talking about a reboot of Joanie Loves Chachi, but instead, more antics from the guy who genuinely has “Chachi” in his Twitter bio. Last week, he got flattened not once but twice by 1980s hair god/pop sensation Richard Marx over the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Well, Baio thrust himself back into the spotlight, all ready to rumble, at a Labor Day rally ahead of California’s gubernatorial recall election, through which Republicans hope to unseat Gavin Newsom.

The former Happy Days actor (who was definitely not part of the 2020, Biden-geared cast reunion) stumped for right-wing provocateur/radio host Larry Elder. And if you guessed that this wasn’t the most low-key affair, well, you’d be correct. According to the Washington Post‘s Dave Weigel, Baio declared that California has “become the sh*t state” (rather than “the golden state”) due to Newsom’s leadership. He also apparently insisted that the current governor must be recalled, lest “multi-family low income housing” starts to materialize “in the suburbs.”

In the aftermath of his rally performance, Baio took to Twitter to keep it classy. He bizarrely wrote, “Now try to paint me as a racist when I’m campaigning for a black guy! @larryelder.” Yikes.

On its face, that’s a strange declaration. It’s not unlike the “I’m not racist because I have a Black friend” utterance that you’ve heard from your relatives who spend too much time on Facebook, although it must be noted that whenever Scott Baio starts stirring things up on Twitter, people tend to tweet this photoshop (which changes his Happy Days theme-song intro to frame him “as a racist”), so he’s probably feeling a little defensive.

Still, and although Larry Elder is considered by many to be the Republican frontrunner in this recall election, let’s just say that he’s a controversial candidate for multiple reasons. Elder (who has never held public office) has been accused of sexist remarks and called out for his refusal to acknowledge the gender wage gap. His critics often use a variant of the term “a Black face on White supremacy” in reference to Elder.

The above reasons are likely why people pushed back at Scott Baio’s strange decision to deny that he’s a racist because, you know, he’s stumping for Elder. And man, they really came for Chachi, as you can see below.

Baio is still going on Twitter, by the way. He’s even telling a “cookie monster” to “sit on it.” Them’s fighting words.